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FAST Music Society

Official Music Society of FAST NUCES Lahore that works to promote and enhance the musical talent in FAST-NU Lahore campus, and to organize and participate in musical events on and off-campus. Follow us on:


SOFTEC, Software Exhibition and Competition, is an annual event held at the National University of Computing and Emerging Sciences Lahore, Pakistan. This event contributes towards the advancement of technology and research in Pakistan’s IT industry and sector, providing immense job opportunities for candidates all over the country. The event provides a platform for evaluating and recognizing talent, a forum for the exchange of ideas, and an opportunity for students with a passion for IT to interact with professionals from all over the globe. SOFTEC society, which is the largest student body at FAST NUCES Lahore, organizes this tech extravaganza which is a sight to behold. SOFTEC Society has upheld the legacy of SOFTEC for 27 years and continues to raise it to newer heights every single year. Connect with us on: Social Media to become a part of this growing family:


"DramaF" is the Nationally Acclaimed Multi-Award winning Dramatics Society of FAST-NU Lahore. It is a platform for those who want to experience their lives in terms of theatrical performances. It serves the purpose of providing an opportunity to explore the real world within oneself. DramaF is the way to bring Drama to one's life. Follow us on:

NMG - Nuces Media Group

NUCES MEDIA GROUP is the sole platform for the development and refinement of all media-related activities at FAST-NU, Lahore. Being one of the prestigious societies at FAST, NMG has a rich legacy filled with accolades, prizes, and expertise. Bringing your amidst all the stuff you might be interested in, NMG is overwhelmed to provide you all with a chance to come up and show your talent in the area you want to shine in. With photography, movies, short films, animations, graphic designing, ad making, poetry, and creative writing, you get the best way to show how you can get creative with your brains and have fun as well. Follow us on:

Career Counseling Society

The name of our society perfectly depicts its aims: to help shape the carriers of our fellow students and advice them on how to proceed in their professional lives. It gives us immense satisfaction to see our friends working for prestigious organizations and even more pleasure when we assist them in getting there. By establishing associations between ex-Fastians and the current ones, we ensure that the upcoming graduates always have a place in the market. Follow us on:

VOICE - Debating Society

In 1998, the students of FAST-NU Lahore laid the foundation of the first debating society, DEBATING, which was dealing only in debates. In 2002 DEBATING was changed into VOICE - Vision for Oratory and Intellectual Enrichment, to provide an outlet for the ingenious and innovative brains and a platform to facilitate the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and opinions related to the field of literature, debates, and social issues. Follow us on:

NFT - NUCES Fun Trekkers Official

NFT – NUCES Fun Trekkers is a popular non-technical and the only adventurous society at National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU), Lahore. Since its origination in 1998, it has been arranging different trips and adventurous activities with a mission of indulging students of FAST-NU in different adventurous activities, to help them in exploring colors of Pakistan, to give them an exposure of places which are beyond the borders and to get them to those places where they would hardly go ever in their lives or hardly visited them in past. Follow us on:

ASCE - NUCES Student Chapter

American Society of Civil Engineers FAST NUCES Chapter (ASCE NUCES) aims to work for the welfare of civil Engineers. The aim of this chapter is to make students aware of the developments in the field of engineering, specifically civil engineering, around the globe, to provide them with a platform for grooming and growth and one through which they may communicate and learn from their foreign counterparts

IEEE Nuces Lahore Student Branch

IEEE bridges the gap between the academia and industry. it provides students the platform to communicate with professionals to talk about careers, projects, and efforts to resolve issues in societies -IEEE has a number of chapters under its name which helps the students to see which side of the vast advancing technology to choose from. these chapters help the undergrads, graduate students and young professionals to learn what is coming up in the near future -IEEE as whole provides various resources to students and professionals to get funds for their research and development in different fields and get them published for other people to see through online libraries, journals, etc. the communication barrier for students to communicate with professionals and for professionals to communicate with other professionals is lifted off with IEEE Follow us on:

FAST Sports Society

The official sports society of FAST-NU. Sports include: Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Chess and very soon, many more! Follow us on:

Creative Society

Creative Society starts with Arts and Crafts and it goes beyond Music and Rhythms in FAST-NU, Lahore. It gives you a platform to perform and display your talent within the campus and participate in national competitions. Creative Society presents events such as the Welcome, Farewell, Art Gala, Musical Evenings (Concerts), Scavenger hunt and several other events within the campus to provide a colorful and delightful experience to the students. Follow us on:

FAST Care Society

FAST Care is an initiative to help make this earth a better place by providing our care and support to those who are neglected by our society. There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Here at Fastcare, we intend to be a helping hand for unprivileged and distressed members of our community. Help us and join the cause for shaping our community into a better shape. We also welcome financial assistance and donations. Do donate! Even a small amount from you can make a big difference for someone. Feel free to reach us because of we at FAST care! Follow us on:

ICE NUCES - Student Chapter

Student Chapter/Branch of ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers, UK) at FAST-NUCES Department of Civil Engineering Lahore campus, Pakistan. The student chapter of Institution of Civil Engineers at NUCES Lahore. Purpose of the chapter is to enhance and broaden the knowledge and perspective of students at FAST-NU by giving them international Civil Engineering exposure. Follow us on:

NUCES ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is an organization that brings together computing educators, researchers, and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the field’s challenges. As the world’s largest computing society, ACM strengthens the profession’s collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, and recognition of technical excellence. NUCES ACM Student Chapter is responsible for organizing all the programming, gaming, quizzes and other competitions that involve technology. We organize seminars, workshops and mapping parties to enhance computing as a science and technology. We have successfully conducted FAST’s biggest event like ICPC Regional, GEEK WEEK and several others. Different institutions across Pakistan take the honor of becoming part of these mega-events. It’s a chance for ACM team as well to learn to their fill!! Follow us on:

FAST Business Club

Follow us on:

CBS - Character Building Society

Formed by NAB in 2019, the purpose of Character Building Society is to arrange activities to sensitize students to their social, ethical, and academic values and to act as whistleblowers against malpractices and corruption. CBS strengthens the character, polishes the internal capabilities, highlights the basic human rights and promotes positivity by arranging activities such as panel discussions, seminars, and awareness sessions.

Stacks FAST Chapter

Stacks FAST Chapter, is the first university chapter of Stacks Pakistan. The main aim is to introduce the students to and strengthen the development on blockchain technology. This chapter wants to bring hackathons, bootcamps, cohorts and conferences to FAST and thus provide a platform for blockchain development.

Idyllic Youth Fast

The main theme of Idyllic Youth FAST NUCES is to contribute something for the development of Pakistan and especially the young generation by providing them a platform where they can develop and enhance their professional and non-professional skills. We identify young social entrepreneurs and enthusiasts ,who are passionate about making a positive change in the society. IYS get uniquely deep youth insights and a precious pool of young talent, energy and ideas and invites young people from all backgrounds to take part in contributing to a better world. instagram handle: Idyllic Youth Fast (@iyfast) Facebook handle: Idyllic Youth FAST - NUCES | Lahore | Facebook