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To be recognized among the top five departments of Electrical Engineering in Pakistan, producing next generation of engineers who are motivated in applying engineering concepts to solve real-life problems in an ethically, socially and economically responsible way.


The mission of Electrical Engineering Department is to: develop nurturing environment for delivering quality engineering education through discovery and innovation; show commitment and dedication to teaching by developing state of the art curriculum, grounded in scientific, mathematical and technical knowledge that emphasizes practical applications and provides opportunities for hands-on experience; develop attitude for lifelong learning and instill ethical and social values in our graduates that helps them acquire professional leadership; act as center of excellence to identify the problems of national industry and to develop innovative solutions.



It is my pleasure to introduce the Department of Electrical Engineering, FAST-NU, Lahore campus which offers the state-of-the-art engineering education through its well-designed under- graduate and post-graduate courses with the aim to prepare competent engineers for the market. Established since 2002, the department offers the following programs:  BS in Electrical Engineering (specializations in Electronics, Computer, Telecommunication, and Power)  BS in Robotics  BS in Internet of Things  MS in Electrical Engineering  PhD in Electrical Engineering The department is dedicated to stay at the forefront of advances in research and development with a commitment to achieve its vision of producing the next generation of engineers who are motivated in applying engineering concepts to solve real-world problems in an ethically, socially and economically responsible way. The department provides students with high quality engineering education and multifaceted skills, which prepare them to excel in their professional lives and to play a pivotal role in improving and strengthening the society. We take pride in our highly professional, qualified and experienced faculty, diverse degree programs, state-of-the-art laboratories, infrastructure, research accomplishments, and successful alumni excelling in notable organizations nation and world-wide. We have research centers/groups working in the domains of optical and wireless communications, computer networking and Internet of Things, smart power grid and renewable energy, and engineering cybernetics with applications in robotics and control engineering. These groups focus on producing quality research and innovative prototypes in the aforesaid fields. The department has well-equipped laboratories that cover all the sub-areas of electrical engineering. The department continuously upgrades these laboratories with highly sophisticated and latest equipment to assist students in conducting the practical experiments. The department maintains strong industry-academia linkages through seminars and talks, training workshops, recruitment drives, industrial tours, and competitions and events where students get a chance to compete and showcase their achievements and interact with distinguished industry professionals and notable alumni.

Dr. Saima Zafar, Professor & HOD   See Profile