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DramaF Auditions '19

Oct. 23, 2019

Dramaf held its very first Talent Hunt on 23rd October. Dramaf team joined with Fast Music Society held a mini-concert. Both of the societies gave their tribute to Kashmir and showed their solidarity with the people of Kashmir. They proved that the youth of Pakistan didn’t forget about people of Kashmir and are standing with them. Talent Hunt attracted a lot of brilliant and jaw-dropping talent. The audience was left in awe. The auditions were held in a very comfortable environment for those auditioning and encouraged those who were nervous. The judges in the panel made sure that they upkeep with the standards of Dramaf. Moreover, FMS performance was just like an icing on the cake. It gave students a chance to relax. It made students forget their hectic lives and were a refreshing experience. Dramaf team made sure the event went smoothly without any problems. Dramaf thanks Mam Hajra Ikram , Mam Farwa Batool and the rest of the FAST faculty members for allowing us to do so. It is very well appreciated.