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Identity Quest

Nov. 28, 2023

The event ‘Identity Quest’ by CBS in collaboration with Youth Club commenced at 02:00 pm in Syed Rafaqat Auditorium on the November 21st, 2023 with the guest speaker, President of Youth Club, Raja Zia-Ul-Haq. Members of the Youth Club arrived before the event and an information desk was set up outside cafeteria.
The speaker arrived on the campus premises through Gate no. 2 and was presented with a bouquet of flowers. Then he was escorted to the Auditorium where he was warmly welcomed by the members of CBS executive team. The speaker delivered a motivational and attention grabbing speech. He highlighted
the importance discovering your true self and the importance of following the path our religion demands
us to follow. After an interactive Q&A session the speaker ended the session at exactly 04:00 pm. He was then moved to the Conference room where some refreshments were provided. Eventually the speaker left through Gate no. 2 and exited the university premises.