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Self – Assessment Visit (MS & PhD – Computer Science)

Nov. 23, 2023

Self-Assessment visit of MS and PhD Computer Science programs was held on 07th November 2023. Dr. Kashif Zafar (Professor) and Dr. Zareen Alamgir (Associate Professor), Department of Computer Science were program team members. Dr. Rehan Hafiz (Professor, Department of Computer and Software Engineering ITU, Lahore) was invited as external evaluator. Dr. Ali Afzal Malik (Assistant Professor, Department of Software Engineering, FAST NUCES Lahore) was internal evaluator. In the start, a brief presentation was given by Ms. Bushra Majeed, Assistant Manager, QEC. The assessment team visited the department and conducted infrastructure visit. Students were interviewed in order to get insight about their perception regarding the quality of higher education at the department and university at large. Faculty interaction session was also conducted. At the end assessment team had closing meeting with HoS and Director QEC and presented their findings. Head of School, FSC, Dr. Kashif Zafar presented shield to external evaluator and visit was concluded on a group photo.