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Enabling Smart Cities with Computer Vision

Oct. 25, 2023

The department of Electrical Engineering (FAST-NUCES Lahore) arranged an interactive seminar for the graduating students; titled “Enabling Smart Cities with Computer Vision” on 19th October 2023. This seminar was conducted by an expert educator, youtuber, entrepreneur in the field of Computer Vision and Robotics; Mr Murtaza Hassan. He is the owner of CVzone and runs one of the largest YouTube channels in the field of Computer Vision, educating over 3 Million developers, hobbyists and students. In this seminar, the speaker introduced attendees with the basics of Computer Vision and motivated them by explaining the significance and scope of this field in the future smart city applications. Applications such as object detection, parking surveillance, monitoring traffic, stats generation for businesses, etc were presented. In the later part of the seminar, the speaker showed a live demo of body movement detection through a laptop camera. The speaker also explained how he developed interest in this field and how this field has helped him develop his entrepreneurial career. The seminar witnessed good attendance and enthusiasm of the students as many students joined for a Q&A session with the speaker.