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Batch Photo'23

Oct. 20, 2023

The new batch started a new journey of their lives at FAST and as always, NMG had to give them a memorable beginning. As planned, the event started at 2:30 pm and the excitement of the Batch Photo could be witnessed as the students had started gathering in the front lawn even before 2:30. The preparations with the chalk powder to make an outline of "2" and "3" was done on the front lawn and in a short while, when the outline had been laid out, the team NMG instructed the students to come into the front lawn and arrange themselves on the outline. The photography team took the final shot of the batch photo from the roof of the Civil building with great coordination from the team in the lawn. A lot of cheering could be heard as the team from the roof kept increasing the crowd’s excitement with their instructions on when to shout and raise their hands for the photo. After this, NMG's content and photography team also took individual and group photos of the Batch 23 students with colorful and interesting props. The event was a success as a number of students came to be a part of the batch photo with high spirits and this was also a good opportunity for the new students to get to know their fellow batch mates and build a better community. Soon after the group photos, yet another successful Batch Photo by NMG came to an end.