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Welcome Ramadan - Idyllic Youth FAST

March 31, 2023

Idyllic Youth FAST - NUCES had arranged an event of Welcome Ramadan to embrace the month of Ramadan with open hearts along with Nighat Hashmi's and Mushtaq Ahmad’s guidance. The basic purpose for arranging such an event was to lead students to strive for spiritual growth and strengthen our connection with Allah (SWT) together. In the event, guests shared their insights and experiences on the significance of Ramadan. Also on the role of religion in contemporary society and is a sought-after speaker on religious and cultural topics.


During the event, Nighat Hashmi and Mushtaq Ahmed discussed the importance of Ramadan in the Islamic tradition, its spiritual significance, and how to prepare for this holy month. They also answered questions from the audience. Also , Mushtaq Ahmad awarded Idyllic Youth Team with Certificates.

The whole event was a great success which raises awareness of this aspect of the holy month that inspires people to donate to those in need and create a sense of unity and togetherness. Also, the spiritual significance of Ramadan also encourages individuals to reflect on their actions, practice self-discipline and strive for personal growth.