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Mushaira'22 - NMG

Dec. 6, 2022

Nuces Media Group is the only media society at FAST Nuces Lahore. It provides the student body with opportunities to showcase their talents in photography, videography and literature. Just like last year, NMG organized the Mushaira this year as well. The event aimed to promote Urdu poetry among university students. We received an overwhelming amount of submissions and then the students were shortlisted to present their beautiful work in front of the audience. A total of 14 students took part in the Mushaira from the university. Kamran Arshad our guest speaker, an alumnus from the 17th batch read out his work and addressed everyone on the essence and importance of Urdu poetry. His work left everyone in awe and the audience just couldn’t get enough of it. Muzammil Abbas and Minahil Areej from the 18th batch also presented their literary works and left the audience speechless.The event wasn’t only limited to students. Our esteemed faculty member Sir Abdul Sattar also went ahead and read two ghazals. The audience was beyond impressed by the depth of his words. Lastly, as a token of appreciation, the director presented a bouquet to the guest speaker.Overall, the event was a huge success because of the joint effort of team members, participants and guests.