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Welcome'22 - Fast Creative Society

Dec. 2, 2022

Welcome'22 was conducted by Fast Creative Society on Friday 25th of November 2022, the event brimmed to cater almost a thousand students who ecstatically enjoyed the twilight and spent a memorable time with their fellow batch mates.

Entrance for the Welcome kicked off as early as 4:30 pm and the event was officially started at 6:00pm. Arranging a play with Dramaf society was a massive success as it was a highly engaging experience for the audience. Further down the time lane, we also organized an Open Mic session allowing capable student to mark the evening with their stamp of talent as they sent shockwaves throughout the venue with their singing performances and more. Special arrangements were made for individuals holding reputable positions at the university. Food was opened as our team catered to the audience’s hunger after an evening full of singing and joyous movement. Understanding the responsibility on us , we signed off the event and by 9:00 pm, the university was almost devoid of any student as everyone had left after a thrilling and pleasant time.