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MUN - Voice Debating Society

Dec. 1, 2022

Voice Debating Society of FAST NUCES Lahore conducted the first-ever MUN in Fast Lahore this past weekend. NUMUN Prologue was a great success. This event received an overwhelming response from the student, statistically stating there were 18 individual registrations and 30 delegations therefore, in total the headcount of participants was 138. Moreover, for the event to accomplish such a big achievement a management team of 100+ people worked day and night for the past 2 months. The event comprised 2 days in total. The first day included Global Village which mainly highlighted the cultural significance of various nations and reflected a vibrant and colorful sight. Afterward, an opening ceremony was conducted which was initiated by the president of NUMUN with the opening of the floor for debates followed by an FMS performance. The second day featured the MUN sessions which were conducted in 3 sections. NUMUN Prologue consisted of 4 different committee's which resulted in a great turnout and the best speakers from each committee were given awards at the end of the event. These sessions helped instill the essence of public speaking and diplomacy into the delegates that attended our conference, encouraged civil debate, and provided every delegate a chance to stand up for what they believe to be right.Furthermore, in between different committee sessions, we conducted socials which provided great enjoyment and interaction among the participants that included the Adabi-e-Mehfil, Scavenger Hunt, and Jamming session. Lastly, the closing ceremony was conducted which included a fantastic play by Dramaf and award distribution. Finally, NUMUN Prologue was concluded by the president after closing the floor for debates.