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FBC partnered with SABC (South Asian Business Concern)

Sept. 20, 2022

FBC partnered with SABC (South Asian Business Concern) which is a management consultancy company that has an authority given by PFG (Prudential Financial Limited) for branding the Startups/Entrepreneurship development programs to provide the taste of Global Financial Markets. Moreover, PFG searches and prepares the best future brains and empower them with the skills to handle financial markets. Students have been studying debt instrumentsin their theoretical subjects, so these programs would actually excite students because they would provide them with a clear understanding of how to implement these instruments and
make them work in a practical life. A seminar was conducted in FAST NUCES, Lahore on Thursday from 4:00-5:30 pm that was entirely based on the Global Financial Markets. Approximately more than 60 people attended the session. The two talented speakers who were invited were Mr. Ahmad Mukhtar Mirza and Khalid
Khan. The session was also attended by Dr. Zia Khan from the faculty. Mr. Ahmad Mukhtar Mirza and Khalid Khan introduced different Pakistani and International financial markets. They talked briefly about the ways an individual can earn money through these markets and discussed the importance of risk management and calculated trades.