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An Hour With The Guest

July 16, 2021

Dr. Summaira Sarfraz, Dean Faculty of Sciences and Humanities, was a Guest Speaker in An Hour With The Guest program hosted by National Highway and Motorway Police. The IGP Dr Syed Kaleem Imam welcomed Dr Summaira Sarfraz to the virtual session. In his welcoming remarks Dr Kaleem lauded the efforts made by the English faculty of NUCES Lahore campus in providing training to the NHMP senior Master Trainers. He further shared that the Sheikhpura Training College has also established their Language Labs similar to those of the English Labs at Lahore campus. Dr. Summaira Sarfraz in her talk on Communication Dynamics and Challenges, highlighted the dynamics of communication and its key challenges that involve apprehension ,misinterpretation, ambiguity, intolerance and disinformation. She emphasized that to be an effective communicator, one has to be aware of the forces that operate in a communication  process and acknowledge the diversity for meaningful discourse.The talk was followed by Q&A session. The program was attended by IGP Dr Syed Kaleem Imam, Commandant Mr Mehboob Aslam, DIGs, SPs, Sector Commanders, Regional Commanders across Pakistan. IGP Dr Kaleem Imam thanked Dr Summaira Sarfraz and reiterated the resolve to continue collaborative activities of research and mutual interest.