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Center for Research on Management and Governance (CRMG)

Effective business management requires keeping up with complex changes in the economic, legal, political, technological, demographic and cultural sphere while coping up with the increasing scarcity of the financial resources. To deal with the changes in a business environment effectively, managers require constant input from consultants, academic and professional researchers. The Center for Research on Management and Governance (CRMG) at FAST School of Management, Lahore was established with a view to bridge academic and professional knowledge on management and governance and its adaptation to suit the indigenous business environment. Jointly supervised by Dr. Hamid Hassan, Dr. Mian Muhammad Atif, Dr. Zia Khan, Dr. Ahmed Arif and Dr. Akbar Azam, the center is a hub for motivating research on the art and practice of management and governance in Pakistan. The findings from the theoretical and empirical research conducted at CRMG are expected to provide guidelines to deal with the management and governance challenges of public and private sector organizations in Pakistan.

Seminars and discussions with business leaders and national & international academics are designed to facilitate sharing of ideas and providing updates on trends are a constant feature of the center. Thus the output is not just defined by producing papers but serves as the core for producing local content for inclusion in the curriculum at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

Our empirical studies focus on Finance, Marketing, Motivation, Leadership, Economics, Real-Time Business plans, and a range of other topics related to management sciences. In general, the center’s research efforts are characterized by an ambition to critically and constructively study, describe and analyze the emergence and development of management & governance practices in the country. Researchers at the center aim to uphold a recognized presence in the ongoing academic discourses in crucial parts of management & governance areas. The center also undertakes consultancy projects with a number of governmental and private organizations and collaborates with other national and international universities in advancing the research.

Associated Faculty Members: Hamid Hassan Mian Muhammad Atif Akbar Azam Asif Saeed Brig Mujahid Hussain Zia Khan Beenish Arshad Ammar Javed Fatima Omer

The Case Research Center (CRC)

The Case Research Center (CRC) has been instituted at the FAST School of Management (FSM), Lahore to encourage both faculty and students to engage in solid case research. There is a dearth of business cases related to Pakistan and that is the reason our business schools have to rely on foreign cases for teaching. The facilities that would be provided at the center will be instrumental in bridging the gap between foreign and local cases. The center is a forum for interaction between students, faculty and the industry, and will provide turnkey consultancy solutions to the local industry. The mission of CRC is to motivate researchers to publish business cases and to subsequently increase both the quality and the quantity of case research and teaching in Pakistan.

The activities of the center include emphasizing the importance of case teaching in the curriculum for business studies and equipping faculty members with the abilities to effectively instruct students using the case method. Mr. Hassan Mahmood (Asst. Professor) is coordinating the academic activities related to the center. The center aims at increasing awareness about the local business environment and decision making by Pakistani business leaders for dealing with the complexities of an extremely dynamic environment.


Research Seminars


Associated Faculty Members: Ammar Javed Aamer Allauddin