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High Performance Computing (HPC) Lab

FAST-NUCES houses an OpenStack based private cloud infrastructure and next generation provisioning frameworks like Kubernetes and Kubeflow. Dr. Muhammad Usman Awais is managing an HPC lab which provides access to the above mentioned infrastructures. Although the scale is not very large, it is good enough for the students to conduct research for their master's theses and Final Year Projects (FYPs). Following major research areas are being explored in the …


Research Center for Information Management and Cyber Security (CIMACS)

The Center for Information Management and Cyber Security (CIMACS), headed by Dr. Taimur Bakhshi is involved in undertaking research and development in the broad domains of information management, cyber security and computer networking. The center undertakes consultancy, auditing, installation and management work in the following avenues. Information Systems Security Software Defined Infrastructure Internet of Things (IoT) - Communication Stack Security Behavioural Profiling and Forensics Academic Programmes and Staff Training Current & …


Big Data Lab Establishment

A Big Data lab has been established in Lahore campus. The use of Big Data is becoming a crucial way for leading companies to outperform their peers. In most industries, established competitors and new entrants alike, leverage data-driven strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value. Big Data will help to create new growth opportunities, and also entirely new categories of companies, such as those that aggregate and analyze industry data …


Generative AI, Imaging & IoT

FAST-NUCES Lahore provides an infrastructure based on advanced provisioning frameworks such as Kubernetes and Kubeflow. Dr. Asma Naseer, along with core team consisting of Dr. Asma Ahmad and Dr. Aamir Wali, oversees the GAIT lab that grants students access to the aforementioned infrastructures which adequately caters to students conducting research for their master's theses and Final Year Projects (FYPs). The lab focuses on the following key research domains: Digital …


Optimization and Data Science (OptiMi'nDS)

Optimization and Data Science (OptiMi'nDS) research group, headed by Dr. Irfan Younas, carries out research and development in Optimization and Data Science related areas. Major research themes in our research group include Evolutionary Computation, Swarm Intelligence, Evolutionary Deep Learning, Multi/Many-objective Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval. Solving large scale optimization problems have always been very challenging and demanding. Our research group …


Software Engineering Research Centre (SERC)

  Software Research Engineering Centre is dedicated to conducting research and development in various facets of software engineering. The centre has been established to promote theoretical research in the software engineering area, resolve problems faced by the software industry, and help establish software engineering practices in the industry. Through the establishment of the SERC, the University seeks to help and support the local software industry in establishing and improving their …


Machine Intelligence Group (MInG)

MInG – Machine Intelligence Group was established in FAST- NUCES in 2004. The main objectives of this research group are to conduct research in cutting edge technologies and bridging the gap between academia and industry. The main research focus is on: Optimization techniques, Data science, Multi-agent systems, Expert systems, Machine learning, Block-chain technology, Internet of things, Healthcare solutions, Robotics, Machine vision, Intelligent transportation systems, Data mining, and other such areas …


Liberty Lab

Liberty lab aims to put together and apply the knowledge gained from diverse areas of expertise including robotics, embedded systems and artificial intelligence, to engineer out-of-the-box solutions that practically solve the problems faced by the local society. Research is done to make robots that can achieve autonomous behavior. Problems of localization, mapping, navigation and image processing in robots are explored. Control algorithms on ground and air robots are developed to …


GPU Server

To spur the research in the field of Machine Learning, a high fidelity server is made available for the faculty and students at FAST-NUCES. The server is a Dell PowerEdge R740xd2 series server. Using a freely available solution named, the server is accessible to the authorized users over the web. Meaning, users can access it while being at their home. is a docker based solution which …