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Talk on "Effective Integration of Mathematics teaching into CS undergraduate courses"

Nov. 23, 2020

Dr. Mudassir Shabbir delivered a talk at the FAST-NU Lahore campus on various creative methods to integrate mathematics teaching into undergraduate courses of the CS curriculum. The talk highlighted effective methods of pedagogy that may be used to make complex mathematical concepts more palatable and relatable to CS students. The talk brought into focus the importance of creating motivation inside and beyond the classroom; factors in deciding the correct scope and depth of contents to be covered in accordance with the students’ absorption capacity; dealing with intellectual diversity in the classroom; and various effective ways in which to design relevant assessments and provide useful feedback to the students. The scope and design of courses in the domain of theoretical computer science were of special focus in the talk. The talk was arranged by the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) under the auspices of the FAST School of Computing. It was attended by members of the faculty.

About the speaker: Dr. Mudassir Shabbir received his PhD from Division of Computer Science, Rutgers University, USA. His main area of research is Algorithmic and Discrete Geometry. He has developed new methods for the characterization and computation of succinct representations of large data sets with applications in nonparametric statistical analysis. He also works in Combinatorics and Extremal Graph Theory. He is currently part of the CS faculty at ITU.