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Students-led Initiative on COVID

April 20, 2020

A team of students from Batch '17 FAST-NUCES, Lahore has taken an initiative to provide the analysis of the situation in Pakistan during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Corona 92 is a student-led initiative that aims to provide statistical analysis on the outbreak of the raging COVID-19 in the country, through live data capture. They're constantly striving to attain newer and the most effective strategies for preventing it from spreading any further. The public has been facing a tough time deciding for themselves how to counter the situation and chaos has been observed. The myths have been mixed with facts, and the public seems to be ignorant about what should be done next. The scope of this project is also to cover and analyze the sentiments of the public towards the issue and counter the myths. The initiative was done by the following students:

  • Sameed Ahmed Khan 17L-4322
  • Muhammad Faizan 17L-4155
  • Muhammad Mubashir 17L-4206
  • Saif Ul Haq 17L-4025
  • Syed Kazim Raza 17L-4101
  • Syed Muhammad Sajjad Ali Zaidi 17L-4179
  • Hafiz Muhammad Annas Waheed 17L-4252
  • Abdullah Bin Masood 17L-4321