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Dr. Aamir Wali Successfully Defends PhD Dissertation

Nov. 14, 2019

Dr. Aamir Wali has successfully defended his PhD dissertation held in FAST-NUCES, Lahore on November 14, 2019 and has qualified for the award of doctorate degree. He is the 6th PhD of Department of Computer Science, FAST-NUCES, Lahore. He has completed his research titled “Cellular Automata Learning and Prediction Model for Handwritten Pattern Recognition”, under the supervision of Dr. Mehreen Saeed. The examiners included Dr. Muhammad Usman Ghani (Associate Professor - CS Dept - UET, Lahore), Dr. Haroon Attique Babri ( Professor - CS Dept - UET, Lahore) and Dr. Mirza Omer Baig (Assistant Professor - CS Dept - FAST-NUCES, Islamabad). The defense was well attended by a large number of faculty members and graduate students.