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Faculty Development Committee Holds discussion on "How to set an Exam Paper"

Oct. 22, 2019

The Faculty Development Committee of CS department organized a seminar on "How to set an Exam Paper". The aim of this interactive in-house discussion is to share and discuss techniques for setting effective exams.

Dr. Asif Gilani, Dr. Kashif Zafar and Dr. Saira Karim shared their experiences in this regard. Various points came under discussion during the meeting. It was stressed upon by senior faculty members that the exam should consist of some questions that everyone should be able to complete them. Then some questions should be structured that average students should be able to solve them, and finally a few questions that only exceptional students should be able to solve them. It was discussed that to keep the students motivated, real world problems should be asked in exams, with focus on how the students apply the knowledge learnt in class, instead of memorization of course content. The speakers also stressed that the faculty members should try solving the exam themselves first to get an estimate of time and difficulty.