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Dr. Aamir Wali

Professor & HOD
HEC Approved PhD Supervisor

(042) 111-128-128 Ext:572


  • PhD (CS), NUCES, Lahore (2019)
  • MS (CS), NUCES, Lahore (2004)
  • BS (CS), NUCES, Lahore (2003)



Dr. Aamir Wali has taught at the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences since 2004. His areas of interest include machine learning, image processing, human-computer interaction, natural language processing, virtual/augmented reality, and font development.


Recent Publications:

Ph.D. Theses

  • Hamza, H.M. and Wali, A., 2023. Pakistan sign language recognition: leveraging deep learning models with limited dataset. Machine Vision and Applications, 34(5), p.71. (IF.3.3)
  • Wali, A., 2022. CA-NN: a cellular automata neural network for handwritten pattern recognition, Natural Computing. DOI: (IF. 1.504)
  • Wali, A. and Saeed, M. m-CALP–Yet another way of generating handwritten data through evolution for pattern recognition. Biosystems, vol. 175, pp.24-29, 2019. (IF. 1.973)
  • Wali, A. and Saeed, M. Biologically inspired cellular automata learning and prediction model for handwritten pattern recognition. Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures, vol. 24, pp.77-86. 2018. (IF. 0.684)


MS Theses

  • Ather, S., Wali, A., Malik, TG., Fatima, S. and Fahd , KM., 2024. A novel vessel extraction technique for a three-way classification of diabetic retinopathy using cascaded classifier. Multimedia Tools and Applications.(IF. 3.6)
  • Jiang, Z., Zaheer, W., Wali, A. and Gilani, S.A.M., 2023. Visual sentiment analysis using data-augmented deep transfer learning techniques. Multimedia Tools and Applications, pp.1-17. (IF. 3.6)
  • Wali, A., Muzammil A., Naseer, A. and Tamoor M., 2023. StynMedGAN: Medical Images Augmentation using a new GAN model for Improved Diagnosis of Diseases, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, pp. 1-18 (IF. 1.73)
  • Wali, A. and Ali, S., 2023. Computer-aided COVID-19 Diagnosis: A Possibility, Journal Of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, in press (IF. 2.11)
  • Shahzad, A. and Wali, A., 2022. Computerization of Off-Topic Essay Detection: A possibility?, Education and Information Technologies, 27(4), pp.5737-5747. (IF. 3.66)


Final Year Projects

  • Wali, A., Shariq, R., Shoaib, S., Amir, S. and Farhan, A.A., 2023. Recent progress in sign language recognition: a review. Machine Vision and Applications, 34(6), p.127. (IF. 3.3)
  • Wali, A., Fawaz, A., Ali, M.B., Adan, M. and Mujtaba, M., 2022. Generative adversarial networks for speech processing: A review. Computer Speech & Language, 72, p.101308. (IF. 3.25)
  • Zafar, I, Wali, A., Kunwar, A., Afzal N. and Raza, M., 2023 A Complementary Pipeline for Medical Literature Search using PICO and its Evaluation" Journal of Information Science. (IF. 3.28)
  • Wali, A., Lisan, A., Ather, H., Qasim, M. and Uzair. M., 2022. Application in multimedia: from camera to VR. Multimedia Tools and Applications. DOI: 10.1007/s11042-022-13687-1 (IF. 2.577)
  • Wali, A., Tanveer, K., Fatima, S., Tanveer, A. and Iftikhar, S., An Efficient Cloud-Based Traffic Signal Manipulation Algorithm for Path Clearance. International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies (IJDST), vol. 11, pp. 32-44. 2020 HEC Recognized Journal
  • Imran, R., Hassan, N., Tariq, R., Amjad, L. and Wali, A. Intracranial Brain Haemorrhage Segmentation and Classification. iKSP Journal of Computer Science and Engineering, vol. 2. 2021.
  • Fawaz, A., Ali, MB., Adan, M., Mujtaba, MM. and Wali, A. A Deep Learning Framework for Efficient High-Fidelity Speech Synthesis: StyleTTS. iKSP Journal of Computer Science and Engineering, vol. 1. 2021.
  • Zafar, I., Kunwar, A., Raza, M., Afzal, N. and Wali, A. Clinical Decision Support System for Evidence Based Medicine Practice. The International Conference on Innovative Trends in Business & Technology (iCITBT-2020), Online, 2020.
  • Hasan, F., Gauhar, S., Khalid, N., Fakhar, S. and Wali, A. Defense against Adversarial Attacks on Facial Recognition Systems. The International Conference on Innovative Trends in Business & Technology (iCITBT-2020), Online, 2020.
  • Sultan, S., Asad, A., Abubakar, M., Khalid, S., Ahmed, S. and Wali, A. Dynamic cloud resources allocation. 8th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICICT), IBA, Karachi, pp. 168-173. IEEE. 2019.
  • Wali, A., Haider Z., Fazal, R., Faraz, A., Hussain, H.   Enabling Programming for the Quadriplegic. 5th International Multi-topic ICT Conference 2018 (IMTIC’2018), MUET, Jamshoro, Pakistan. 2018.



  • Xu, Y. and Wali, A., 2023. Handwritten Pattern Recognition using Birds-Flocking Inspired Data Augmentation Technique. IEEE Access , (IF. 3.47)
  • Malik, Y.S., Tamoor, M., Naseer, A., Wali, A. and Khan, A. 2022. Applying an adaptive Otsu-based initialization algorithm to optimize active contour models for skin lesion segmentation. Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology. (IF. 3.0)
  • Haseeb, A., Bashir, M., and Wali, A. 2023. BERTDom: Protein Domain Boundary Prediction using BERT Computing and Informatics, (IF. 0.45)