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Smart Networking Research Group (SNRG)

Smart Networking Research Group (SNRG) was formally established in year 2012 under the directorship and supervision of Dr. Saima Zafar. The primary objective of the research group is to enhance research activities in Computer Networks and related emerging fields. Since then, the group has been a significant contributor to research and development in the field of network protocol design, clustering, data-center networking, wireless communications and wireless sensor networks, Internet of …


Optical Wireless Research Centre (OWRC)

At the optical wireless research centre, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of wireless communications technology. We strive to revolutionize the way data is transmitted, leveraging the power of light waves. Our interdisciplinary team of experts, including engineers, scientists and technologists, collaborate to conduct ground-breaking research and develop cutting-edge solutions to address the challenges faced by the optical wireless industry. With the focus on optical wireless communication systems, visible …


Engineering Cybernetics Research Group (ECRG)

The Engineering Cybernetics Research Group (ECRG)offers a platform for conducting research in the field of cybernetics focused on its applications in control engineering and robotics. The group, headed by Dr. Omer Saleem, is involved in undertaking research and senior-year project work in developing robust-optimal and self-adaptive control procedures for under-actuated mechatronic systems, robots, and energy-conversion systems. The designed control systems are rigorously tested and validated by using experimental platforms …