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Dr. Saman Shahid

HEC Approved PhD Supervisor

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  • Ph.D. (Environmental Science), Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan (2015)
  • M.Phil (Physics), Government College University (GCU), Lahore, Pakistan
  • M.Sc (Physics), Government College University (GCU), Lahore, Pakistan


Prof. Dr. Saman Shahid deals with the teaching of Physics to BS Computer Science, Data Science, and Electrical Engineering programs. Her doctoral research work was related to brain cancer genetics and the discovery of mutations induced by environmental radiation with bioinformatics tools. She also teaches Environmental Sciences (to BS/MS/Ph.D.) and Environmental Data Science (BS) courses. She is in charge of the Physics Laboratory for Engineers. She is serving the Department of Sciences & Humanities as Natural Science Coordinator & Course Moderator


She is a Director of the Environment & Health Data Science (EH-DS) Research Laboratory. The following are the main objectives of her research lab: (i) AI health-specific goals: precision medicine, disease diagnosis, treatment & prognosis, clinical decision support for physicians, public health management, and digital health platforms;(ii) data sciences for environment & sustainability: risk assessment, environmental monitoring, climate change modeling, water management, natural hazards, and air pollution. 


She has published 98 research articles in national & international journals. She has also published 40 abstracts at different national and international conferences. Her current impact factor is 121.9. She is also a peer reviewer and editorial board member of some local and international journals. Her areas of interest are Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medicine & Environment, Medical/Health Physics, Medical Radiation Physics, Environmental Health, and Bioinformatics.


Goals and domains of Environment & Health Data Science (EH-DS) lab:


AI Health specific goals:

• Precision Medicine

• Disease Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prognosis

• Clinical Decision Support

• Public Health Management

• Medical Images Processing

• Digital Health Platforms 


Data Science for Environment & Sustainability:

• Risk Assessment and Prediction

• Environmental Monitoring

• Sustainable Resource Management

• Climate Change Modeling

• Water Management

• Natural Hazards

• Air pollution

• Environmentally friendly materials

• Environmental Health


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