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May 11, 2019

SOFTEC's aim is to bridge the gap between academia and the I.T industry. SOFTEC, by all means, unites the cream of the crop onto a single platform to showcase their skills and talents. People from all over Pakistan come forward to take part in the various competitions organized by SOFTEC body. The event was graced by the presence of our honorable chief guest, Minister of Education, Shafqat Mehmood, the event has demarcated itself. Other chief guests included Atif Mumtaaz Director PITB, Burhan Rasool General Manager PITB, and Shahrukh Riaz founder Rolustech. This year the participant count broke all previous records and set a bar too high with over 1500 participants and a footfall of 6000. All in all, SOFTEC comprised of 10 competitions, namely, Software Competition, App Development Competition, Data Science Competition, Web Development Competition, Engineering Project Competition, Programming Competition and 2 Gaming Competition modules: FIFA and Dota 2. It is unequivocally acknowledged that all these competitions exceeded prior expectations. Apart from these competitions, informative conferences were also held at SOFTEC. This year there were two conferences: Cyber Security in the Age of Insecurity and Data Science. Both the topics are state-of-the-art and no doubt these topics were able to amass people who believe that through IT, greater good in the society can be achieved. This year Tower Technologies, along with FAANA was our Gold Sponsors. Other names include TkXel, Facebook Developer Circles, Clustox, GameStorm Studios, Emblem Technologies, AutoSoft, PromTech, Pure Logics, and EVS. All of these software houses were present at Software House Enclosure where students were given a chance to drop their CVs and interact with them.