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Dr. Saima Zafar

HEC Approved PhD Supervisor

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  • Ph.D(Electrical Engineering), UET, Lahore, Pakistan (2011)
  • M.S(Electrical Engineering), UET, Lahore , Pakistan (2006)
  • B.Sc(Electrical Engineering), UET, Lahore , Pakistan (1998)


Dr. Saima Zafar started her professional career in software development industry after completing her B. Sc. electrical engineering and worked as Senior Software Engineer in NetSol technologies Inc. as part of a team that developed financial and leasing software for Mercedes-Benz Leasing Company, Australia. Later she joined academia and earned her PhD in the field of Wireless & Mobile Networks. She is associated with FAST-NU Lahore campus since 2008 and is a Professor in Electrical Engineering department. She is serving as Final Year Projects coordinator, PhD program coordinator, PEB coordinator for CPD activities under PEC guidelines and Convener department disciplinary committee. She has taught various courses like linear circuit analysis, network analysis, signals & systems, analog and digital communications, programming, data communication networks, wireless & mobile communications, advanced computer networks, research methodology etc. and has supervised a number of Final Year Projects and MS theses. She is HEC approved PhD supervisor and her research interests include design and performance analysis of network protocols, computer network modeling, solutions for wireless sensor networks and cellular networks, 6LoWPANs, data center networks, inter and intra-network communications in heterogeneous networks, telecommunication policy and Internet of Things. Her work has been presented and published in various international conferences and journals. She is a reviewer of various international journals. Her personal interests include reading English classical literature, travel literature, philosophical and mystical fiction, Sufism, painting, interior design, tourism and watching sports.

Selected Publications
  • Saima Zafar, Shafique Ahmad Chaudhry, Sara Kiran, Adaptive TrimTree: Green data center network through resource consolidation, selective connectedness and energy proportional computing, Energies, Vol. 9 No. 10 2016
  • Saima Zafar, Abeer Bashir, Shafique Ahmad Chaudhry, On implementation of DCTCP on three-tier and fat-tree data center network topologies, SpringerPlus 2016, 5:766
  • Sana Jabbar, Ali Hammad Akbar, Saima Zafar, Muhammad Mubashir Quddoos, Majid Hussain, VISTA: Achieving cumulative vision through energy efficient silhouette recognition of mobile targets through collaboration of visual sensor nodes, Springer EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, 2014, 2014:32
  • Bilal Hasani, Saima Zafar, Ali Hammad Akbar, Babar Ali Magsi, Collaborative routing and data dissemination architecture for commercial wireless sensor networks, Springer EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2013, 2013:54
  • Saima Zafar, Ali Hammad Akbar, Sana Jabbar, A gating mechanism for border node assisted association of Wireless Personal Area Networks, SpringerPlus 2012, 1:12
  • Saima Zafar, Ali Hammad Akbar, Sana Jabbar, Noor M. Sheikh, SET - Session layer-assisted Efficient TCP management architecture for 6LoWPAN with multiple gateways Springer EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2010, Volume 2010, Article ID 936457, 20 pages