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Job Fair 2019

May 11, 2019

Job Fair 2019 was organized by career counseling society of FAST-NU Lahore on 20th February 2019. With over 130 companies, this year’s Job Fair was one of the biggest ones that anyone has ever witnessed here at FAST. The companies that attended, belonged to diverse domains. Students from all five disciplines attended and gained benefits from it. The event offered them a chance to interact with representatives of companies. They were able to comprehend the abilities that are required by an employer. The efforts of society team members are applaudable in making this event possible. They worked tirelessly and faced every obstacle that stood in their path with resilience. Event sponsors also played a huge part in making this event a success and it would not have been possible without them. Our faculty advisors, Mr. Umer Farooq, and Mr. Bilal Saeed deserve every ounce of appreciation. They were a constant source of moral support and were always available to help.