Flag raising and National Anthem Ceremony

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On Tuesday, 6th Sept 2016, Fast University Lahore campus witnessed the love and passion of true Pakistanis. In an event organized and executed by Fast Care and fueled by the patriotic slogans of our students, a flag raising and National Anthem ceremony followed by one minute silence for Shuhada was observed.

To welcome the new comer

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To ensure better and more memorable experience for freshmen’s FAST CARE Society in collaboration with Random Act of Kindness Club (FAST NUCES Lahore Campus), Introduces The Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Event on 24th Aug 2016. Through this event FAST Care promotes an anti-ragging culture at Fast with entertainment and fun-filled activities for both the seniors and the juniors.

GPU Computing Workshop

The GPU Computing Workshop was the first event organized by the newly formed IEEE Computer Society NUCES Lahore Chapter. It was conducted on 9th and 10th August 2016, during the summer vacations of 2016. It attracted around 20 participants who were from FAST-NUCES Lahore and from other universities.
The workshop’s instructors were Dr Omar Usman Khan (Asst Prof, FAST-NUCES Peshawar) and Dr Usman Shahid (Asst Prof, FAST-NUCES Lahore). The workshop included lectures as well as hands-on experience.
The workshop focused specifically on nVIDIA’s CUDA for GPU Computing. Servers with nVIDIA GPU’s were set up by instructors that were accessed by the participants via internet for running CUDA code. IEEE NUCES Lahore received a very positive feedback from the participants, with some of them even asking for holding such workshops in the future.

Placement Office | Guest Lecture Managing Director GNR Consultants

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Placement Office successfully organized guest lecture of Mr. Aitzaz Rehman (Managing Director, GNR Consultants) on 1st Sep 2016. His lecture highlighted points of work ethics, entrepreneurship and future of GNR Consultants. Mr. Aitzaz holds a diversified profile of having worked in the public and private sector and has been involved in teaching and public speaking.

Placement Office | Successful Project Internship | Nestle

Ms. Saroosh Hameed BSCS 12' has successful developed a software for Nestle Supply Chain Dept to automate their processes and resolve the overall bottlenecks.

Key Features of Nestle Software:
Search based on any keyword given by the user and displaying specific columns chosen
by the user on the 
  1. output screen with option to save the results in PDF and excel formats.
  2. An alert system to keep the employees aware of upcoming or late deadlines on
    the end of nestle or the vendors using the data stored in Excel Files.

44th Convocation | FAST National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences

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Congratulations to all the Graduates!!!

44th Convocation of the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NUCES) Lahore campus took place on Friday 12th Aug 2016. As many as 560 students graduated from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NUCES). Degrees and medals were awarded to the graduates at the university’s 44th graduation ceremony.

Rector Amir Muhammed and Board of Governors (BoG) member Rafique Ahmad chaired the ceremony.


Recruitment Drive | Fatima Fertilizers

Placement Office organized Recruitment Drive for the Graduate Trainee Program of Fatima Fertilizers on Tuesday 23rd August 2016. The team provided details about the program through a formal presentation. Students showed an overwhelming response by asking questions. Online test was conducted for the Graduate Trainee Program.


FAST - NU Lahore Student | World Bank Entrepreneurship Training Program

Ms. Mir Rawtah of Batch 13 Bachelors of Accounting and Finance has been selected for WomenX Entrepreneurial training Program by the World Bank and Department for International Development (DFID).
About the WomenX program, It's an intense entrepreneurial training program by the World Bank and Department for International Development (DFID) for women who are involved in setting up their own businesses. Only 30 women get selected in each cohort.


FAST Music Society achievement at Education Expo'16

Music Society at expo
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Music Society at expo
Music Society at expo 2
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FAST Music Society achievement at Education Expo battle of bands
FAST Music Society members Nusrat Ullah Roomi (vocals) and Shehryar Hasan (guitars) stood 1st at the annual Express News Education Expo battle of bands held at Faletti's hotel, beating tough competition from bands from various universities.
In the individual singing competition at the Education expo, Osama Mateen (vocals) and Muhammad Abdullah (guitars) from FMS stood third out of 20 teams.

Scholarship Award: 8th Summer Institute in Statistics and Modeling Infectious Diseases-University of Washington, Seattle-USA

Mrs. Saeeda Zia (Assistant Professor-Mathematics, Lahore campus) has attended hands-on training on mathematical models of infectious diseases, contact network epidemiology,immunology and within-host modeling from July 11-23, 2016 organized by department of biostatistics-school of public health-UW.
This training was the eye-opener for the mathematics and statistics professionals that how different mathematical tools and software can be used to explore the molecular biology and genetics data through differential equations.“R” statistical package libraries lhs, DeSolve, boot, adaptivetau, nloptr and sensitivitywere used for mathematical modeling while“Python” programming language and NetworkX software library were used to represent and analyze networks, construct epidemic simulations, and model various intervention strategies from epidemiological data.
All instructors having mathematics/statistics and computer science background emphasized on the prospects of biological data analysis and mathematical modeling of different diseases to illuminate and harness their prevalence.