ICE-NUCES Student Chapter organizes workshop on SAP2000.

ICE NUCES Student Chapter once again, for the educational development of Pakistan’s future civil engineers, launched an initiative. This initiative focused on teaching Structural Engineering Program, SAP 2000 to the civil engineering students. The program was spread over a time of three weeks from 25th November 2014 to 9th December 2014. Each week on Tuesdays the workshop was held for two hours by Dr. Fawad Muzaffar, one of our faculty members, was requested to teach SAP 2000 to the budding scholars. He has a PhD from Stanford University and is very knowledgeable. He taught various aspects of SAP 2000 to the students mainly focusing on ‘Bridge Modelling, Bending and Shear Force Diagrams of beams frames and trusses’, ‘Static Loading’, ‘dynamic loading’ and the ‘Influence Lines Diagrams’. The students in their senior year benefitted greatly from this course. On the last day of the workshop a closing ceremony was held. Dr. Muazzam Ghous Sohail, Faculty Advisor ICE-NUCES Student Chapter, presented a memento to Dr. Fawad Muzaffar. Dr. Fawad Muzaffar also shared his views with the audience and wished ICE NUCES good luck with their upcoming programs.
ICE NUCES is not only focusing on technical events but also on events which directly educate the students. ICE NUCES aspires to bringing event better and bigger events in the future. 


Cancellation of All Academic Activities with Immediate Effect

 In compliance with Government of the Punjab, Higher Education Department order No. SO (Univ.) Misc.-1/2014 of December 18, 2014, National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Lahore Campus will remain closed for all academic activities till further notice.

Information about re-scheduling of the cancelled activities, in particular, exams will be conveyed in due course.

METRO Electronics Gala '14

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that the FYP students of EE Department have won the First as well as Second Prize in the Engineering Project Competition at Young Innovators Pakistan 2014, METRO Electronics Gala. More than 30 teams from renowned engineering schools competed in this event. After rigorous screening procedure, only nine teams with innovative project ideas made it to the final round.

WINNERS(Cash Prize: PKR 100,000/-)

Title: Delta 3D Printer: An additive manufacturing machine
Description: The 3 dimensional printer is a rapid prototyping machine that takes the 3D computer-aided-design model from a computer software and makes the plastic replica of the object, using the fused filament fabrication technology. The Delta (parallel-robotics) mechanism efficiently reduces the mechanical complexity as compared to the primitive 3D printer designs that employ Cartesian mechanisms. Delta 3D printer can not only be used in the industries for mass production of objects, but also in every home for printing objects that are needed daily, within few minutes. This method is extremely economical than the existing techniques of injection moulding.
Advisor:Mr. Omer Saleem Bhatti

  • Awais Khan
  • Asim Yousuf
  • M. Nasir
RUNNER-UP (Cah Prize: PKR 50,000/-)

Title: Field Assistive Wearable Interfaces for Visually Impaired
Description: The project aims to develop low-cost wearable interfaces to assist the visually impaired (blind & deaf-blind) people in the areas of education, communication/ social interaction, information transmission, navigation and mobility guidance. The interfaces use the concept of vibro-tactile haptics effectively integrated with Braille-code to accomplish the above mentioned tasks.
Advisor: Mr. Omer Saleem Bhatti

  • Urwa Arshad
  • M. Hassan Ahmed
  • Jawaria Ata

LaTeX Workshop

LaTeX is a document preparation system. It is widely used for the communication and publication of scientific documents in many fields. Keeping in view its importance for academia, NUCES Circuits Society (NCS) has successfully organized a workshop on LaTeX at FAST-NU, Lahore campus. The workshop was held on 27th, 28th and 29th of November, 2014, and was open to the BS and MS students of all the departments. It was conducted by Ms. Farah Nadeem (EE Faculty, Lahore campus). A brief tutorial was given by Mr. A. D. Raza (EE Faculty, Lahore campus) on the third day of the workshop followed by an interactive session with the students. The workshop received an over-whelming response. Approximately 70 participants registered and attended the workshop on all three days. Apart from MS and BS final year students of EE and CS department, several faculty members attended the workshop as well.
In this workshop, a series of well-crafted tutorials were given on its effective utilization when preparing a document; e.g. programmable desktop publishing features and automated typesetting including numbering and cross-referencing of tables and figures, chapter and section headings, the inclusion of graphics, page layout, indexing and bibliographies etc. After covering the basics, the IEEE/Chicago documentation styles were introduced. The students were taught to use this tool for writing the research papers as well as preparing their final year project reports and thesis reports. A number of exercises were provided so the participants can get a hands-on experience and clarify any problems with the instructor.
NCS is a technical society run by the electrical engineering (EE) students of FAST-NU Lahore. It is worth mentioning at this point that Ms Beenish Fatima (NCS faculty coordinator & EE Faculty, Lahore campus) and her team of hard-working NCS student members deserve the biggest chunk of applause for their efforts in organizing this insightful event.

Achievement of EE Department at GIKI Innovation Summit '14

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that the FYP students of EE Department have won the Second Prize in the Engineering Project Competition at GIKI Innovation Summit 2014, organized by GIKI, Topi, Swabi. Several teams from renowned engineering schools from all over Pakistan participated in this event; including NUST, SZABIST, COMSATS, UoL, Shareef College of Engineering and Technology, GIKI etc. 

Title: Attitude & Steering Control of a Self-Balancing Platform

Description: The project aims to vertically balance and steer an inherently unstable two wheeled structure using inverted pendulum theory. The robot uses inertial measurement unit and non-linear filters to compute the body’s tilt angle and the rate of change of angle. The on-board controller tends to counter the effect of any deviation of the robot’s orientation from the vertical reference position by controlling the direction of rotation & speed of the motors accordingly. It stays in the upright position even in the presence of a bounded disturbance. An android (smart-phone) bluetooth application is used to maneuver the robot, while keeping it balanced. The system can also intelligently re-calibrate itself, to maintain vertical stability, as the battery voltage provided to the motors tends to drop.

This robot structure offers higher mobility and higher speed due to less friction from fewer wheels. This platform can also be used as an experimental test-bench for researchers to check and validate their closed-loop control algorithms.

Members: Babar Ali, Nouman Shafqat, Daniyal Iqbal
Advisor: Omer Saleem Bhatti

Achievement for students of FAST-NU Lahore at Plan9 - PITB's Tech Incubator

Dear All, We are proud to announce that a team of FAST-NU Lahore, has been selected for the incubation at Plan9 - PITB's Tech Incubator for the 5th cycle.

Smart Shoppers
Idea Brief: “To introduce Mobile Application for people who shop in large retail chains, which can help them to pay their bills by the use of barcode scanning and already developed payment gateway. The user will also be accessible to bundle offers and promotional discounts by the usage of mobile application”


  • Mustafa Shaheen BS(CS)
  • Muhammad Ans Shamas BBA & MBA
  • Umer Zaheer BBA & MBA
  • Qazi Muhammad Ahmad BBA & MBA
  • Ahmad Zafar BS(CS)
What Plan9 is? Plan9 | Pakistan's Largest Technology Incubator | Where ideas take flight!

Team Pictures:

A Seminar on "Civil Engineering Experience around the world"

 "On 19th November 2014, ICE-NUCES organized a seminar on the topic 'Civil Engineering Experience Around the World' which consisted of a lecture by an experienced and world renowned expert in engineering Mr. Abdul Salam.
The event was scheduled to start at 2 pm. The venue was half filled before 2 pm with young faces waiting for the experiences of lifetime to be shared with them which would provide them with valuable information and the guidance to achieve their future goals. All the faculty members were also present at the venue. The event started exactly on time, with recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran. Mr. Abdul Salam was invited on the stage after the recitation to deliver his lecture to the audience. The lecture in his own words was going to be "Edutaining" by which he meant "educating and entertaining''
He started his speech by sharing some of his experiences in different regions of the world especially in the Midddle Eastern, Gulf and African countries. As a Geo-technical engineer his work is exceptional. Dams and the structures he worked on were truly wonderful. He also told the audience about some of the buildings and structures of the countries he had visited. Apart from his work he also talked about the food and the culture of the countries he had visited. The current projects on which he is working in Pakistan are of great value. Most of his work consists of dams, spill ways and flood management systems.
Mr Salam also shared his experiences in very remote areas of the country where he had to go by a helicopter. All of these experiences reveal his devotion to his field. At the end of his interesting speech he invited the audience for the questioning session. In the answer of a question he said that Pakistani engineers are of great potential and are much better than many others round the world". He answered another question by saying "It is a great feeling when you see the structure taking shape which you initially designed on a paper."
Afer this 'Edutaing' lecture the Head of the Civil Engineering Department Dr Syed Iftikhar came on stage to pay his regards to the honourable chief guest. This seminar was yet another success of ICE-NUCES after their maiden event 2013 and the recent wooden scale bridge competition. The society is looking forward to have more educating events in the future."

Collaborative Project on Automated Farming in Pakistan Collaboration between FAST-NU, Lahore campus, Pakistan and Research Group on Robotic Systems, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. Funded by DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service, Germany.

 Last year, the German Academic Exchange Agency (DAAD) invited applications to give grants. I, Dr. Yasir Niaz Khan, as PI and Dr. Umar Suleman as Co-PI applied for this grant (both Assistant Professors at FAST-NU Lahore Campus). DAAD has approved a grant to us to conduct research to automate agriculture in Pakistan. The project duration is of 2 years, extendendable to a third year. Automatic detection of crop health and weed density will be done both from a flying robot and a tractor. Image processing and pattern recognition algorithms will be applied, along with machine learning techniques. The project also involves data collection and testing on real crops. Aim of the project is to automate farming in Pakistan.

 The grant includes funding for the following:

  • Visit of 4 students for two months and the Co-PI for one month from FAST-NU Lahore Campus to Germany in 2014. Visit of 4 students for two months and the PI for one month to Germany in 2015.
  • Visit of a German professor and his researchers to FAST-NU Lahore Campus in 2014 and in 2015.
  • Buying of robotics equipment from Germany and transfer to FAST-NU Lahore Campus.
  • Arrangment of an International Robotics workshop in June 2014 and June 2015 at University of Kaiserslautern Germany.
  • Arrangment of an International Robotics Conference in October 2014 at FAST-NU Lahore campus. Full funding comes from DAAD Germany. If any additional funds are required, local funding agencies will be contacted for it.
  • They might also fund two Research Assistants, who will be MS/PhD students and will do their theses in this field.
  • No enumeration for the faculty members is required.

 The total amount of funding for the whole duration of the project is 78,920 Euros for both the Pakistani and the German partner, including 5,000 Euros for hardware every year. This funding will be divided between for the Pakistani and the German partner universities.
No money will be required from FAST-NU. Students will do their FYPs and MS Theses to complete this project. We shall share our research results with the German partner at the end of the project.
The German university has previously conducted such projects with LUMS and they have experience of conducting research with Pakistani universities.

World Space Week 2014, organized by SUPARCO

A final year project from the EE Department of FAST-NU Lahore, has achieved the First Prize in the Engineering Project Competition at World Space Week 2014, organized by SUPARCO.
We aim to design and implement low-cost wearable interfaces to assist the visually impaired (blind & deaf-blind) people in the areas of education, communciation/social interaction, information transmission, navigation and mobility guidance. The interfaces use the concept of vibro-tactile haptics effectively integrated with Braille-code to accomplish the above mentioned tasks.


It is also worth mentioning here that the above mentioned project group is associated with Government Degree College of Special Education, Johar Town, Lahore. The liaison helps optimizing the performance of the product interfaces. These interfaces are tested in real-time on students/instructors and are improved according to their suggestions, experiences and feedback.
Urwa Arshad
M. Hassan Ahmed
Jawaria Ansari
Omer Saleem Bhatti


On the 1ST of November ICE NUCES inaugurated yet another successful event; the much awaited and acclaimed ‘Wooden Bridge Design Competition’. The purpose of the event was highlighted in its very objective ‘To Foster and Promote the Art of Civil Engineering’. This is in accordance with the very motto of ICE NUCES ‘Promote and Develop’. The event succeeded to introduce to the young and budding scholars of the recent batch of civil engineering, the basics of civil engineering and the creativity which it yields. The feedback was overwhelming and teams from other than the civil engineering department registered as well. The event consisted of making a wooden bridge by the material provided of ice-cream sticks, glue, cutter and scale. All in all ICE NUCES student chapter yet again succeeded in initiating a successful event and in establishing the fact that with responsible leadership and creativity wonders can be worked. Moreover the event was visited by MR. SOHAIL KIBRIA (GM GEO TECH DIVISION NESPAK). He appreciation was glorious in regard for ICE-NUCES Student Chapter.