A talk on "Destiny by Design" by Youth Studio

Youth Studio, in collaboration with NUCES FAST National University, conducted a motivational talk titled “Destiny by Design” on February 4th, 2016. Ibrahim Siawash, a certified trainer and life coach, inspired the audience with the theme of his upcoming book, “DESPARK”, an acronym for 7 principles of finding success and fulfillment. Speaking on the occasion, Ibrahim shared his personal journey of overcoming adversity and discussed his passionate belief that every person has the strength and power within them to fight and triumph over the hurdles in their life. A large audience of students along with special guests Dr. Syed Amjad Hussain Shah, Director Lahore Campus; Mr. Zulfiqar Ali, Assistant Professor/ Advisor NMG, Ms. Hajra Ikram, Lecturer/Co-Advisor, Mr. Bilal Qaiser, Academic Officer, and Mr. Fasih Ullah, the Vice President NMG, attended the energetic motivational talk.

ICE-NUCES Student Chapter holds National Wooden Bridge Design Competition’15 (NWBDC’15)

ICE NUCES Lahore Student chapter organized the 4th edition of the National Wooden Bridge Design Competition NWBDC'15 this year on 14th of November with the aim of making it an immaculate platform to showcase talent from the different parts of the country united to excel in their civil engineering professionalism and attributes.
ICE-NUCES has always been a trend setter at FAST-NUCES and this year has been no different. With the orientation week to kick in with, the Online IQ test followed and to top off the ‘National Wooden Bridge Design Competition’. The team underwent a lot of exertion for the entire past month getting quality sponsors for the event and micro-managing all affairs.
The event attracted 100s of students from universities throughout Pakistan.  The participation from within the university was commendable and students with majors pertaining to management sciences and computer sciences also took part with their zeal and zest. In spite of the fact that a limit was on student teams per university, ICE-NUCES received dozens of registrations from students of UET Lahore, UET Faisalabad,  UET Peshawar,  University of Lahore,  University of Management and Technology, GIK, NUST, Punjab University, NED Karachi and many others. While the participation of students within the student chapter was overwhelming as well. 
ICE-NUCES proudly welcomed all the participants and provided them with the materials to be utilized in the making of their bridges. Of prime importance if the fact that the Wooden Bridge Design Competition is an annual event arranged by ICE-NUCES where participants are given ice cream sticks with the help of which they make bridge designs using glue and cutters while the team with maximum weight to fracture stress ratio wins. 
National Wooden Bridge Design Competition 2015-16 was blessed to have the presence of Mr. Sarfraz Ahmad, owner of ‘Progressive Consultants Pvt. Ltd.’ and the representative of Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) in Pakistan. His presence as the chief guest was a huge morale booster for our team and it indeed played its part in making this event a huge success.
The winner of the event was a team from Universities of Management and Technology, Lahore and it was awarded the prize money of 5,000 PKR while the runners up and the second runners up were awarded 3,000 PKR and 2,000 PKR respectively. Every participant of the competition was given certificates of participation. All the teams were provided with refreshments during the course of the making of the bridges. The event was well organized and immensely competitive. 
The event was a huge success and was the biggest of its kind. The ICE NUCES team deserves all the credit for the successful event and with the motto of constant improvement, our devoted team will keep on working for betterment of the society and playing its role in promoting constructive activities in the University.
Presence of representatives and ambassadors of civil engineering professionalism made the whole event become a vista, a portal of new possibilities and a platform to address collaborations and cooperation of the future. Diverse backgrounds, multi-faceted personalities, different languages, different regions, people of different universities all gathered at FAST today on the invitation of the representative Civil Engineering Department at FAST’s society today to design bridges and then to have them tested, on a National level.
Lastly, thank you to all the participants for their enthusiastic participation and responsible behavior throughout. This event could not have been a success without your devotion and we would like to thank all representatives of Civil Engineering who traversed long distance in order to spread a peaceful message that we are all on board. 




Faculty Training cum Orientation at Lahore Campus

A faculty training cum orientation workshop was organized by Dr. Amjad Hussain, Director, Lahore Campus, on 9th January, 2016. The three hour session aimed at briefing the new and the previous year’s inducted faculty about FAST-NU functioning of Academics, Accounts, Administration, IT, & the Library Departments. The Managers of the respective departments gave further elaborations. There were twenty four participants and at the end, the inspirational question- answer session was followed by snacks and refreshment.

BS Civil Engineering accredited

The BS Civil Engineering program of FAST - National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore, has been accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council 

ICE-NUCES Student Chapter holds IQ Test at Regional Level

ICE NUCES Student Chapter Lahore conducted Quiz Mania'15 on 16th of October in FAST-NUCES Lahore. The purpose of the event was to give a platform to students to show their intellect. It helped them to self-assess their intelligence quotient and to compete with one another.
The ICE NUCES team received a whelming response from the students of from FAST-NUCES and other Universities. More than 50 students appeared in the quiz and there was seen a tough competition. This was the 3rd Season of the IQ test Competition held by the student chapter. The event started by 3 PM on the day and time limit was of 30 minutes.
The written test contained 15 questions. Many students managed to answer most of the questions correctly in spite of the fact that the difficulty level of the questions was quite high which was encouraging to see indeed. Students put their intelligence efforts to the best and were tested on high grades. The test was conducted in the Civil Engineering department. The invigilation was strict and it was made sure that the conducted test remains fair and square for all the participants. The winner of the Quiz Mania'15 named Abdul Sami was from FAST-NUCES Lahore and given prize money while first three top scorers were given certificates of recognition by the Adviser and also the Head of Department of Civil Engineering at FAST-NUCES Dr Shahid Ali in a closing ceremony. He added that ICE-NUCES Student Chapter is encouraging students to take part in such professional event and will continue to do so. He appreciated the overall competition and performance of ICE NUCES Student Chapter on behalf of the entire Faculty at FAST-NUCES.
ICE NUCES Student chapter is committed to conduct events such as Quiz Mania'15 to promote constructive activities in the FAST University and will try to improve and enhance the quality of such events to our potential best.

Ashura Holidays 2015

The Lahore Campus will remain closed from Friday October 23 to Saturday October 24 on account of Ashura Holidays. The classes will resume from Monday October 26,2015.

Welcome Batch 15’ Week by ICE-NUCES Student Chapter

ICE-NUCES conducted "The welcome batch 15 week", for the fresh batch of civil engineering. The purpose to conduct this event was to welcome the freshmen of the Civil Engineering department creating a better understanding among the fresh students about their field and to enhance their enthusiasm.

The week started off with a seminar about civil engineering. It was conducted in civil department. The whole team of ICE-NUCES was present there to welcome the freshmen. Ex-president and the mentor of the chapter Mr. Musa Dar formally welcomed the new batch on behalf of the ICE-NUCES. He gave a brief introduction about Civil Engineering and the ICE-NUCES chapter itself to the students. Latera brief talk about different fields of Civil Engineeringwas carried out by a senior year student Miss Hania Batool. She also answered the questions of the students regarding their field, the university and ICE itself. Later the students were given a visit to the labs of the department where they were given an introduction to the machines and equipment which they will use later in their studies and the field. The interest of the students was exceedingly overwarming.

A gaming competition was also a part of the welcome week. At ICE-NUCES chapter we believe in 'edutainment' so we make sure that the students never miss the fun part of their learning. This gaming competition was a great source of attraction among the fresh students of not only Civil Engineering department but also from the other departments of the university. Prizes of worth 1000s of rupees were given to the winners of the competition.

 The main attraction of the week was the orientation for the new batch. It was carried out in Sayed Rafaqat Ali auditorium. The hall was full with young and fresh faces. The orientation began with an introduction about the ICE-NUCES chapter itself and the team members. The HOD of Civil Department Dr Shahid Ali and many of the other teachers made the environment of the hall way more respectful and full of energy with their mere presence. Later on Mr. HOD delivered a brief speech to the students. He talked about the importance of the societies like ICE-NUCES to polish the skills of the students and to develop them into better Engineers. The welcome batch 15' week is the pioneering step taken by ICE-NUCES to ensure the participation of students in the societies from the beginning. ICE-NUCCES chapter plans to carry out many other such edutaining events in the future to ensure learning with fun.



Yet another landmark in the trade of management and engineering studies was set by ICE-NUCES Student Chapter when a seminar on “Project Management” was organized at FAST-NU Lahore. The seminar was delivered by a professional form the field Engr Faizan Shafique from UET Lahore. The instructor has a wide service at different project management consultancies. The seminar was a brief one that put light on the following aspects of managing engineering projects:-

1) Project Integration Management
2) Project Scope Management
3) Project Cost Management
4) Project Time Management
5) Project Quality Management
6) Project Human Resource Management
7) Project Communication Management
8) Project Risk Management
9) Project Procurement Management
10) Project Shareholder Management

The seminar showed a great set of ideas and practical implementation at the project site. The Audience tale a great benefit for which they were introduced to software touch. A professionally marked seminar consists of brief knowledge of technology impact in regard. The software was Primavera (P6), Managerial software for engineers at the site to solve different problems.

Primavera Systems is the brand name under which a range of software packages that collectively form a comprehensive enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) solution are marketed. Primavera was launched in 1983 by Primavera Systems Inc. and was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2008. Primavera software includes project management, budgeting, tender processing, collaboration and control capabilities and integrates with other enterprise software such as Oracle or SAP’s ERP systems.

The seminar was altogether appreciated by the faculty and audience. Moreover at the end of the seminar rewards were given to the instructor. A special mentioned reward was given to the Ex-Assistant Adviser of ICE-NUCES Student Chapter and Ex-Faculty Person of FAST-NU, Engr Nauman Ali Raza by Faculty Adviser of ICE-NUCES Student Chapter Dr Muazzam Ghous Sohail.  

Achievement of EE 11 Batch at NASCON 2015

Runner Up - Engineering Project Competition
Runner Up - Math Magician
Team Trophy Picture
Winner - Math Magician
Winner - Robo Wars
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14 students of EE 11 Batch participated in 4 events of Electrical Engineering in Nascon'15 and won prizes in all 4 events.

  1. Winner (1st Position) of Battle of Bots.
    Team Members :
    • Faisal Abbas
    •  Bilal Haider
  2. Winner (1st Position) of Math Magician.
    Team Members :
    • Danial Iqbal
    • Omair Azam
    •  Jhanzeb Sajjad Khan
  3. Runner Up (2nd Position) at Engineering Project Competition.
    Team Members :
    • Syed Ammar Bukhari
    •  Usama Zeeshan
    •  Adeel Nasir
  4. Runner Up (2nd Position) at Math Magician.
    Team Members :
    • Mansoor Khan
    •  Salman Azhar
    •  Babar Ali.
  5. Runner Up (2nd Position) at Circuit Mania.
    Team Members :
    • Haris Masood
    •  Arslan Azeem
    •  Danish Masood.
FAST Lahore won the Overall Runner Up Team Trophy as well, beating almost 30 universities across Pakistan.

BS(EE ) Batch 2009 has been accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council.