Research Seminar on Optical Wireless Communications

As part of the graduate research seminar series in Electrical Engineering department of FAST-NU, Lahore campus, Dr. S M Sajid gave a talk on “Optical Wireless Communications” on Saturday, 5th March, 2016 at 11:30 am in Old Auditorium. Since fall 2011, Dr. Sajid has been working as an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at FAST-NU Lahore and has successfully supervised the first ever doctoral thesis in the department along with a number of MS theses. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Optical Communications.
“Optical Wireless Communications” is an evolving technology with applications ranging from infra-red operated remote controls (most sold devices) to inter-satellite high data rate laser based communications links. This brief talk presented the history, fundamentals and applications including the very important “Visible Light Communications”. It highlighted the various possibilities and advantages of utilizing optical wireless links and covered the important aspect of terrestrial building-to-building high data rate medium distance free space optics (FSO) links. The limitations of these links in particular atmospheric attenuation and turbulence induced fading, was also discussed. The talk clarified that the most serious deterrent to the wide scale adaptability of terrestrial FSO is the aerosol based scattering in particular fog attenuation. The second part of the talk touched upon the research in different aspects of Optical Wireless Communication systems including propagation modeling, channel modeling, coded-modulation techniques and the application of Network Information theory to optical wireless networks. Interesting results in the domain were discussed which challenged the commonly held misconceptions regarding wavelength selection to combat attenuation and building sway induced misalignment.



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Spring Tree Plantation Campaign 2016 was launched by Lahore Campus of National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences on 10-Mar-2016 in collaboration with the Forest Department of Punjab Government. Dr. Rafique Ahmad, Member, FAST Board of Governors inaugurated the ceremony by planting a “MOULSRI” tree. He also prayed and delivered a speech in Urdu on the importance of trees in the life of human and specially the benefits of “Moulsri” tree. The Director and Heads of Departments also planted various species of plants respectively. The faculty, staff and students also participated in this campaign. Dr. Amjad Hussain Shah, Professor & Director of Lahore Campus thanked Dr. Rafique Ahmad and Syed Nadeem Abbas, Sub-Divisional Forest Officer for making the event a great success.

Talk on Punjab Women Act


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On Monday 7th of March VOICE, in collaboration with Interface and FAST Care, organized a panel discussion on the recently passed Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Act. The panelists included Farhana Afzal, Salman Sufi, Mufti Qavi and Abdullah Malik. This discussion aimed at creating awareness amongst the students about the various clauses and stipulations of the act recently passed in the Punjab assembly.
Salman Sufi, whose team drafted the act on the Chief Ministers orders, gave a brief overview of the act. He explained how this act differs from the other similar acts passed before. This act aims at helping the victims by not only providing them with prompt care, but also by ensuring that they don’t have to suffer the emotional trauma of dealing with the redundant and slow systems currently in place. In fact the entire act aims at creating ease for those filing for protection. Introduction of civil remedies and all-inclusive care centers through this act was greatly appreciated by the students. In addition to this, the definition of the violence given in this act to include acts of violence in addition to domestic violence was also applauded as a step in the right direction.
Mufti Qavi, who came all the way from Multan for this session, also added his support for the bill in the discussion that ensued. He negated the doubts raised by many about this act containing un-Islamic stipulations. He accepted that violence against women was a real concern and appreciated the efforts made through this bill to provide safeguards to the females victimized.
At the end of the discussion the panel answered the various questions raised by the students in the audience. Both criticism and appreciation for the act was well received by the panel. They encouraged the students to discuss and debate on the act passed so that the good could be appreciated and the weaknesses in the act countered in the future. The act was; however, unanimously accepted as a right step taken in the right direction.


Teach Tech 2016

FAST-NU witnessed the first ever P50K event on Thursday, 3rd March 2016. Amidst 120 students supporting the cause, numerous staff members, the director and motivational speaker Mr. Javed Akhtar. Team P50K hosted an event sharing their story, highlighting their achievements so far and presenting their future plans with the hope of motivating students to step-up and makes their contribution towards bringing about change through digital literacy."

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DramaF 2016

This year, we celebrated a decade of DramaF at the 10th Annual All Pakistan Drama festival 2016. The event spanned over 3 days and was sponsored by Pel, Engine Clothing, Travly and Primoo Pizzeria .The chief guests were Kanwal Khoosat, Salmaan Pirzada and Bilal Yousufzai. We had 15 teams participate from instituitions all over pakistan. This was the biggest event to date organized by DramaF, packed with amazing theaterical talent and superb music performances by Fast Music Society.



Android Application Development Workshop

On 20th February, 2016 a one-day workshop on "Android Application Development Workshop on Unity 3D" was organized in FAST-NU by IEEE Circuits and Systems Society NUCES. Android is the name of the mobile operating system made by American company; Google. It most commonly comes installed on a variety of smartphones and tablets from a host of manufacturers offering users access to Google’s own services like Search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail and more.
The main objective of the workshop was to provide the participants an opportunity to get familiarized with the game development environment of Unity 3D and help them make an android game. The participants were able to develop their own 2D games and enhance their game development skills using Unity 3D.
The workshop was conducted by two instructors, Ma'am Rabia Sirhindri and Ma'am Nimra Zaheer. Ma'am Rabia did her masters from College of Signals, NUST in Information Security and has a five-year experience of teaching and research in various institutes. The second instructor, Ma'am Nimra did her MPhil in Computer Sciences from PUCIT and has a teaching experience in the same institutes. She also has an experience in mobile application development and had published various games on android google play.
The individuals who participated in this workshop included undergraduate students of different departments from different universities, which totaled to a number of fifty-nine.
The workshop began with a formal introduction of the instructor who started with giving a preface of what android is and moved further by explaining the participants of what are they going to learn in the workshop. Ultimately, the participants had learned skills to build and manage a game on their own using Unity 3D. The overall environment was welcoming and interactive. Any issue or query faced by the students was entertained proficiently.
All the participants were given certificates at the end. To sum up, it was a well-organized purposeful event.

Guidance session with five U.S. universities

Placement Office FAST-NU organized a guidance session with five U.S. universities on Thursday 18th Feb 2016. The universities listed below provided guidance and information pertaining to study opportunities, admissions, scholarships and most importantly entry requirements. This was a great opportunity for students who seek to apply to US universities for their higher studies.
USA South Asia Tour Representatives who visited FAST-Nu Lahore campus:

  1. Lewis Cardenas (Dean of International Enrollment), Saint Peter’s University.
  2. Joseph Frake (Assistant Director of International Student Recruitment & Services), Valparaiso University.
  3. Justin T. Hume (Assistant Director of International Admissions), University of Bridgeport
  4. Moninder Holly Singh (Senior Director of International Students), Arizona State University.
  5. Robert Medrano (Director of Graduate Admission), St. John’s University.
  6. Cory Adam (Recruitment Coordinator & Advisor Office of International Admissions) Old Dominion University.  
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Mushaira with the Collaboration of Punjab Arts Council

Humorous Mushaira with the Collaboration of Punjab Arts Council in relation to National Action Plan was arranged by the Creative Society on 9th Feb 2016. Three renowned poets including ANWER MASOOD, KHALID MASOOD and ZAHID FAKHARI were invited to entertain students with their humorous and message revealing poetry. It was arranged to entertain, develop a sense of literature, and make strong relation with our cultural literature and to get the students out of the terrorism shocks. Campus Director Dr. Amjad Hussain, society advisor Mr. Ali Zulfiqar, Senior officers of Punjab Arts Council, other main faculty members and large no. students enjoyed the event.


Alunmni Home Coming 16

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Homecoming -it's pretty self explanatory. It's like coming home. Where you were brought up, where you learn, share values and where you could spend your entire day without getting Alumni Homecoming 16’ was organized by Old Students Association of FAST NU – OSAF on 23rd January 2016. A panel discussion on Quality of Human Resources produced by Institutes of Pakistan was held. Prestigious Alumni of FAST and industry experts were part of the panel discussion. Mr. Asif Peer, (CEO Systems Ltd), Mr. Khurram Samad (CEO Geniteam), Mr. Jamil Goheer ( CEO Kualitate & Virtual Force), Ms. Jehan Ara (President P@SHA). FAST Alumni had the honor and pleasure to enjoy a FireSide Chat with Dr. Syed Amjad Hussain Shah (Director Lahore Campus).

EE FYP students achievement "DIY Project Design Competition"

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that the final year students of our Electrical Engineering department have won the First as well as the Second prize in the International "DIY Project Design Competition" conducted by IEEE. Our projects stood out for their innovation, originality and benefit to humanity. It is a moment of sheer pride that our students represented FAST-NU at a global level and rose victorious before 200 competitors from all around the worlds.

Title: EcoSens - Wireless Sensor and Actuation Network
Description: Monitoring and controlling the environment has become a necessity with the increasingly deteriorating environmental conditions throughout the world. This project uses the concept of body area network architecture. It consists of RF based wireless distributed monitoring and control nodes to monitor the happenings in the environment and also control it. The readings of environment from each node is saved onto a database, the real time display is shown on a website which can be accessed through smartphones, computers and tablets. Additional features of this system includes easily downloadable database, alerting a user in case of extreme environmental conditions and forecasting the environment well before time. The applications of this project are ranges from households to industries to open spaces.

  • Usman Maqsood
  •  Reeba Raza
  •  Amir Salman.
 Advisor: Omer Saleem Bhatti

Title: Ball Bot
Description: The project Ball-Bot is a feedback control system in the form of a robot which utilizes the concept of dynamic stability to remain upright, balanced on a ball and have multi directional movement. It uses feedback control theory to actuate the ball and balance, rather than relying on gravity and a large wheel base unlike traditional robots. This allows the robot to be agile and have lesser foot print for it movement, increasing its performance.

  • Osama Bin Tariq
  • Ozair Ali Khan
  • AneeqManzar
Advisor: Omer Saleem Bhatti