Student life at FAST is both exciting and challenging, that grooms them for the professional excellence as well as making them a loyal and responsible citizen. The campus is equipped with all the facilities needed to pursue education in an environment that stimulates learning and is friendly.

There are numerous societies in which a student gets education and skills that help him to become a better citizen. There are lush-green lawns and aesthetically-pleasing scenery of trees and flowers throughout the campus which provide a sense of peace and are an ideal learning environment. The university has well-equipped labs that help students grasp the hands-on practice for the theory that they learn.

The campus has Wi-Fi support that student can use to connect to the internet while sitting in the café or even while on the walkways. There is a modern café that has ample space for the students to sit and relax while enjoying a meal or soda.

There is a well-equipped library that is also available online and issues books to the students. The campus has many research centers which are globally-recognized. Students at FAST are always keen to learn in the productive and healthy environment.

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