"This Biryani Tastes Funny" | Jeremy Mclellan

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The event “This Biryani Tastes Funny” took place on 16th august at FAST-NU. The event was presented by “Kuch Khas” in collaboration with NUCES Media Group alongside the sponsorship of OSAF-Old Student Association FAST-NU. The comedian was none other than Jeremy McLellan, The Best Local Comic of Charleston. Jeremy is well known for his laughter gigs and standup comedy. Jeremy got an enormous response on social media before and after coming to Pakistan. It created a great buzz amongst the college and university goers which was justified when people brought their friends and family with them. The show was a monumental success, with the sounds of laughter and giggles echoing in the auditorium. People even opted to sit on the staircases just to be a part of this great event. These all happenings are testimonies to what FAST-NUCES can do and we can further look forward to such events. Due to the Jeremey’s endless love for biryani the show has been named; ‘This Biryani Tastes Funny”.