Defence Day Celebration'17 | Fast Care

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In the memory of those brave soldiers, who fought and were martyred on 6th September, 1965, Pakistan has marked that unforgettable day as its Defence Day. It is celebrated enthusiastically across Pakistan. To emphasize its importance and carry on the traditions, FAST CARE itself has organized series of events.
The event commenced with a flag hoisting ceremony followed by the national anthem of Pakistan. DramaF also contributed in the event by performing a play reviving the memories of 6th September, 1965. Photo booth session and face painting added color to the event. The whole event conducted by the FAST CARE team highly encouraged by the honorable director and faculty members of FAST-NUCES, Lahore.
It was a day that revived the value of honour by bringing unity among students. Altogether, the event was a great success due to the participation of crowd in all the activities presented.