Burhan Rasool

Burhan’s story is truly an inspirational one. He graduated with BS in Computer Science from FAST – NUCES, Lahore, in 2005, and started his career at Cambridge Docs as an entry level engineer. He proved to be an engine of growth at the company and quickly rose to level of a senior engineer. After CambridgeDocs, Burhan decided to go back to school and earned a master’s degree in project management from FAST. Burhan has taught few courses to undergraduate students of computer science at FAST-NU

Despite some setbacks at different stages in his career, he persisted and succeeded in setting up his own software firm- Avalon Creations. The company was set up with a vision to create new jobs for software development professionals through providing quality frontend and backend development services.

In his zeal to contribute to the country’s progress, he boldly chose to sacrifice the dream of running his own software house when he was requested by PITB to set up an engineering team for their projects. He took on the responsibility and joined PITB as a joined director.  Because of his consistent hard work, Burhan delivered numerous mission critical softwares to the Police, Health, Agriculture and other sectors under high stress circumstances, and has made a profound impact in the recent IT driven governance initiatives by the Punjab Government.

His leadership qualities have been the primary drivers of his meteoric growth at PITB, where in a short span of 4.5 years, he first quickly rose to the rank of Director before becoming a General Manager (IT).
For More Information:https://www.linkedin.com/in/burhanrasool