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Big Data Lab Establishment

A Big Data lab has been established in Lahore campus. The use of Big Data is becoming a crucial way for leading companies to outperform their peers. In most industries, established competitors and new entrants alike, leverage data-driven strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value. Big Data will help to create new growth opportunities, and also entirely new categories of companies, such as those that aggregate and analyze industry data.

Students of Dr. Usman Awais and Dr. Zareen Alamgir have successfully setup this lab and cluster. In guidance of Dr. Usman Awais an OpenStack Cloud infrastructure is also established. The deployed OpenStack cloud provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure.The PaaS enables the students to analyze many different distributed computing technologies, including Data and Compute Clusters and Grids.The initial set up will be used by master thesis students, and students working on their Final Year Projects (FYP). It will allow the students to have a practical exposure to cloud related technologies. A personalized cloud dashboard can also be made accessible over the internet, in future.

Students can access this Hadoop master cluster from other Labs. Now "Big Data" students can access the Hadoop cluster for their assignments, without going to the Big Data Lab.

Following are the students who made considerable efforts to realize the plan of setting up these labs.

Research Center for Information Management and Cyber Security (CIMACS)

The Center for Information Management and Cyber Security (CIMACS), headed by Dr. Taimur Bakhshi is involved in undertaking research and development in the broad domains of information management, cyber security and computer networking. The center undertakes consultancy, auditing, installation and management work in the following avenues.

Further details regarding CIMACS members, ongoing and past projects, and a list of publications is available on the research center website (