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Promotion of Dr. Aamir Shafi

The CS department is pleased to announce the promotion of Dr Aamir Shafi to Associate Professor. He joined the CS department on 1st August 2018 and has a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from NUST and a Ph.D. degree, specializing in High Performance Computing, from the University of Portsmouth, UK. He was also a Visiting Scientist at MIT, USA.

Dr. Ali Afzal Malik Becomes Senior Member of IEEE

Dr. Ali Afzal Malik (Assistant Professor and Head, CS Department, Lahore campus) has become a Senior Member of IEEE in February 2019. Elevation to this senior membership grade of IEEE requires, among other things, professional practice of at least 10 years with proof of significant performance for the period of at least 5 years. IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization with IEEE Computer Society as its largest society. …

Computer Science PhD Student Publishes in Prestigious International Journal

Nosheen Qamar, a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, along with her PhD supervisor, Dr. Ali Afzal Malik, published their research article in the prestigious international journal, IEEE Access, which now has an impact factor of 4.098. The paper is titled: "Birds of a Feather Gel Together: Impact of Team Homogeneity on Software Quality and Team Productivity". Full paper can be downloaded from the link given below:

Dr. Aamir Wali Successfully Defends PhD Dissertation

Dr. Aamir Wali has successfully defended his PhD dissertation held in FAST-NUCES, Lahore on November 14, 2019 and has qualified for the award of doctorate degree. He is the 6th PhD of Department of Computer Science, FAST-NUCES, Lahore. He has completed his research titled “Cellular Automata Learning and Prediction Model for Handwritten Pattern Recognition”, under the supervision of Dr. Mehreen Saeed. The examiners included Dr. Muhammad Usman Ghani (Associate Professor …

FAST-NUCES Lahore Team achieves 6th Position in ICPC - Regional Topi

ICPC - Asia Regional was held in GIKI on Nov 1 - 3. ICPC programming competition is considered to be the world cup of programming competition. 70 teams from all over Pakistan participated in the highly competitive competition. Team MAJORS ( comprising of Syed Saqib (16L-4251), Obaid-ur-Rehman (16-4062), and Ahsan Naveed (16-4244)) from FAST-NUCES, Lahore performed their very best and achieved 6th position in the competition.

Computer Science MS Student and Faculty Members Paper Acceptance - International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Research work authored by Mr. Hafiz Asadul Rehman has been accepted in "International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence". The work was done under the supervision of Dr. Irfan Younas and was co-authored by Dr. Maryam Bashir and Dr. Muhammad Iqbal. The paper is titled : "Learning Regular Expressions using XCS-based Classifier System"

Computer Science MS Student and Faculty Paper Accepted in ICACS 2019

Research work authored by Shahzad Ali and Dr. Zeeshan Ali Rana titled "Evaluating the Performance of Software Defect Models Using Area Under Precision-Recall Curve (AUC-PR)", has been published in 2nd International Conference on Advancements in Computational Sciences (ICACS 2019). The details of the publication are given as follows: Shahzad Ali, Zeeshan Ali Rana, Evaluating the Performance of Software Defect Models Using Area Under Precision-Recall Curve (AUC-PR), In Proceedings of the …

Computer Science Faculty Members Publish In Journal Biosystems

Faculty members of CS Department, Mr. Aamir Wali and Dr. Mehreen Saeed published their research work titled "m-CALP - Yet another way of generating handwritten data through evolution for pattern recognition" at the Journal Biosystems. The journal has an impact factor of 1.46 The paper is available at

FYP Students To Present Work In International Conference

Final year project titled "Dynamic Cloud Resource Allocation" has been accepted at the International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies (ICICT) 2019. This conference will be held from 16-17 November 2019 at IBA Karachi. This project was completed by students of batch '15 under the supervision of Mr. Aamir Wali. The names of the students are: Abu Bakr Sohail, Abdullah Asad, Saad Sultan, and Suleman Khalid.

Computer Science Faculty Member Presents in "World Conference on Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship"

Dr. Zareen presented her research works in World Conference on Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship held in Istanbul on 21-23 June 2019. It is a prestigious conference organized by the Istanbul University under the auspices of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. This interdisciplinary conference provides a platform to discuss and present latest technological developments and reforms for Innovative Entrepreneurship. Further details can be found at …

Computer Science Faculty Member Paper Acceptance – IEEE INTELLECT 2019

Research work authored by Dr. Taimur Bakhshi titled Securing Software Defined Networks: On Feasibility of Network Behaviour Profiling, has been accepted for presentation and publication in IEEE INTELLECT 2019, to be held at Karachi, Pakistan in November 2019. INTELLECT 2019 is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Karachi Section and Higher Education Commission (HEC). The conference will be addressing the latest research directions in the field of Microelectronics, Information Processing, Communications …

Computer Science Faculty Member Paper Acceptance – Journal of Computer Networks & Communications

Dr. Taimur Bakhshi in collaboration with fellow researchers at universities in UK, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, has published research work titled Using Burstiness for Network Applications Classification in the Journal of Computer Networks & Communications ( The paper proposes a novel flow statistical-based set of features that can be used for classifying applications by leveraging machine learning algorithms to yield high accuracy, and greater solution scalability.


Workshop Conducted at BRAIA Summer Camp by Dr. Aamir Shafi at NUST

Dr Aamir Shafi conducted a workshop "High Performance Computing using MPJ Express", on 15th July 2019, at the Belt and Road Aerospace Innovation Alliance (BRAIA) Summer Camp organized by NUST. More information about the event can be found in the link given below:

NUCES-ACM Lahore Chapter and GRLC Arrange Seminar on Theoretical Computer Science

The Graduate Research Lab Committee of Department of Computer Science partnered with NUCES-ACM Lahore Chapter and held a seminar on Theoretical Computer Science. The seminar was held on November 13, 2019. Dr. Sarmad Abbasi graced the occasion with a lecture on "Chvatal's Art Gallery Theorem". The talk was elementary and self-contained. It allowed the audience a window to the wonderful subject of "Art gallery problem". A lot of interesting questions …

Industrial Collaboration Committee Meets CEO of Rareiio

The members of Industrial Collaboration Committee, under the leadership of Dr. Ali Afzal Malik, met with the CEO of Rareiio, Mellonie Francis, to discuss steps to improve collaboration between the Academia and the Industry. Various ways for collaboration came under discussion, ranging from involvement of BS(CS) students in industry projects to involvement of PhD students in research-oriented projects. After a fruitful discussion, it was decided that a team from Rareiio …

Faculty Development Committee Holds discussion on "How to set an Exam Paper"

The Faculty Development Committee of CS department organized a seminar on "How to set an Exam Paper". The aim of this interactive in-house discussion is to share and discuss techniques for setting effective exams. Dr. Asif Gilani, Dr. Kashif Zafar and Dr. Saira Karim shared their experiences in this regard. Various points came under discussion during the meeting. It was stressed upon by senior faculty members that the exam should …

NUCES-ACM Lahore Student Chapter Organizes "Break The Ice" Event

"Breaking the Ice" was hosted by NUCES ACM Student Chapter to bridge the gap between seniors and the fresh batch. The panel of senior students included Noefal Ahmad, Saad Akbar, Maarij Fatima, Seerat Kamal and Mehar Fatima. The event was well attended by Batch 18 and 19 students. The panel discussed their journey through FAST and the problems they encountered. The freshmen students asked questions related to studies in FAST, …

Department of Computer Science – PhD Colloquium

The Graduate Research Laboratory Committee (GRLC), headed by Dr. Taimur Bakhshi and under the guidance of department chair Dr. Ali Afzal Malik successfully conducted the first PhD colloquium of existing research students on July 24 th , 2019. The colloquium was a one-day event aimed at giving the audience comprising of graduate students, faculty members and potential researchers an overview of the research projects being carried out in the department. …

Life of a Google Software Engineer – GRLC Informative Talk

The GRL committee organized an informative talk by Mr. Sharjeel Qureshi, a Senior Software Engineer at Google. Mr. Qureshi (a graduate of FAST-NUCES) had been associated with Google for over five years and worked in the YouTube Player Infrastructure team on the optimization of video playbacks on Android. In this talk he discussed the engineering side of Google, from the culture and the benefits, to what life at Google is …

Named Data Networking in Connected & Smart Cities – GRLC Research Talk

The GRL committee organized a research talk on Named Data Networking in Connected & Smart Cities, by Dr. S.H Ahmad is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Georgia Southern University, U.S. Dr. Ahmad is heading the Wireless Internet and Networking Systems Lab at his department and in this research talk specifically focused on highlighting the driving forces for one of the popular Future Internet architecture known …

Code-Based Post Quantum Cryptography – GRLC Research Talk

The GRL committee organized a research talk on Code-Based Post Quantum Cryptography delivered by Mr. Junaid Khan a research scientist at the Department of Information & Communication Engineering, Dongguk University, Seoul, South Korea. Mr. Khan's research area comprised of Code Based Post Quantum Cryptography, focusing on McEliece Cryptosystem and domains including Cryptography, Error Control Coding, Number Theory, Galois Field and Linear Algebra. The speaker shared his experiences in explaining the …